All Gone (Eschaton)

by Penrose

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Adam Fales I tried to buy this for Chris for his birthday, then I accidentally bought one for myself. Oh well. Penrose rules.
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released March 31, 2015

All songs written and performed by Dan, Pat, and Tom Murphy. Engineered and mixed by 1989 Recordings at the Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by Ken Rich at Grand Street Recording, Brooklyn, NY. Artwork by C.W. Murphy.



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Penrose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: All Gone (Eschaton)
You are the clouds hanging over a smokestack
Green, pink, and yellow; beautiful, cancerous
I'm here to tell you babe
There ain't no chance for us

Down by the riverside, trout swimming backwards
She kicked off her shoes and said,
"Look they're all off to die,
And so are we."

Eschaton, it's all gone.
Eschaton, it's all gone.

My mind was raging with murderous intrigue
When she showed her smile past that
full glass of whiskey
Down at the lonely corner of my bar.

And we sat in the steeple smoking our cigarettes
I kicked the church bell to wake up the neighbors
And she called me St. John
and said, "It's all gone."

Eschaton, it's all gone.
Eschaton, it's all gone.

But my friend Stephen
Don't despair so simply.
The world keeps on spinning
Despite all your history.

Eschaton, it's all gone.
Eschaton, it's all gone.
Track Name: Adeline
Oh my old friend,
Will I speak to you again?
You keep my glass full now
Even though you're not around.

But I still
See a
Day when
You'll be with me.

It was six in the morning
When we were ejected
The barman said, "Look boys
These floors won't mop themselves.
Now go to hell."

We rolled through the street
Like wandering tidal waves
I thought of Addie
And hoped she'd be alright
My Adeline.

I got holes in my shoes
And a back broken sideways
Scars on my face from
The days she used to be
In love with me

When I got home
My heart was emptier
Than the bed where
She used to lay me down
God damn, I'm out of town

I'm diving into a black hole
Joining up with the sideshow
Counting stones in the graveyard
Finding home on a dead star

But, oh, I suppose
This'll be the end
And the only thing I can't stand
Is that I'll still call you a friend