the naked masses swell
with nothing more to sell
they bartered their kidneys
to black market businessmen
sleeping in their shells

the blood runs down the blocks
it overflowed the docks
and pharaoh
how many children must you throw
to the crocs?

drink up the blood

destruction comes on time
our wish is to be blind
we see the catastrophe
of history
what a terrible thing is the mind

and it's all a part of the process
a putrid pile of progress
grows vertically, eating my dreams
and i feel so small

drink up the blood

i want to turn back the clock
and boil the barons
and cut out the tongues
of every bastard whose bank account
meant more than the life of a man

i want to take you by the hand
and we'll jump in the ocean
and swim 'til there's no land
or people to deal with
they just bring us down

i want to feel like i'm innocent
like i'm the exception
sleep without knowing
i'm part of the problem

drink up the blood


from Eat + Drink + Sleep, released February 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Penrose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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